This page was archived as of March 2017. It is no longer updated.

Why Use Apps in Learning

Tweens and teens use the web, social networking, and apps in learning every day. They search Google and Wikipedia for information. They communicate with their friends about a homework assignment via Facebook and instant mesaging (IM). They create projects using VoiceThread, Animoto, and wikis.

New York City libraries want to help guarantee that when students use these resources they do so successfully. The HomeworkNYC widgets assist students by providing research and homework support. When a student uses one of the apps she will be helped through the research process and will not have to start her search from scratch. Apps will point her to useful resources and give her tools for keeping track of projects and assignments.

The new HomeworkNYC Apps allow students to integrate new ways of learning into their homework needs and give teachers tools that support a variety of learning styles, needs, and interests.